“It is not enough said that the best we can do for the ones that love us, this is to be happy.” Alain
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Quite often misunderstood, Channelling is a holistic therapy which is particularly in need nowadays: because of the acceleration of time in our modern societies, because of the affliction of many people by more and more emotional shocks due to the modern way of life, there is an increased necessity of “finding one’s direction”.

1. A session of channelling Therapy with Samasathi will help you clear your mind of many illusions and allow you to accept to take the decisions that correspond to your Destiny in its most positive Karma. The results are eminently practical, as the treatment will bring clear answers to major common issues : studies, profession, partnership, interrogations upon one’s existence and upon decisions to take etc….

2. At the same time, and “towards your own being”, Channelling will “channel” the energy of higher positive forces ( some call them Guarding Angels, others the Universal Cosmic Energy ) so that they guide your life for your most positive Karma. Your spiritual development will advance, and the transmission of Energy will positively impact upon the three lower planes: your mind will become clearer, your emotions more calm and serene, your physical body stronger.

Therefore Channelling Therapy as taught and practiced by Samasathi is a perfect complement to Sophrology on one hand, and to Reiki and Meditation on the other hand. As in any proper and ethical holistic treatment, the “ patient “ remains perfectly aware no hypnosis or “trance” ).

Channelling will enable your Intuition to become quite strong and extremely accurate : you will then be able to act on your Karma.