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“Pines have a colour neither ancient nor modern.” Koan Zen

172 lama Mullumbimby aug 2011

Our Newsletter « Love, Light, Energy » , published and sent online (see “Newsletter”), is a precious communication link between the whole Community of Friends (Sangha) who form the Samasathi School of Esoteric Disciplines (SSED) and the Samasathi School of Traditional Usui Reiki.

Samasathi welcomes all relevant contributions from SSED’s Members (see “SSED”) : do feel free to submit your contribution, as precise and concise as possible, and, provided that it is thought of general interest, your work will be incorporated into our Newsletter.

Local masters and/or Organizers in any of the eleven disciplines taught and practiced by SSED are most welcome to write.

Do not forget to indicate your Name and Membership Number.