Reiki Master’s Forum

“Before to hold yourself to the Threshold of the Path, before to go through the very first door, you must merge the two in the One.” H. P. Blavatsky

Volcano vs Lightning

Inside the Samasathi School of Esoteric Disciplines (see “SSED”) , the Samasathi School of Traditional Usui Reiki (see “ Reiki”) has a very significant role.

As a Representative of Mari Hall’s International Association of Reiki as well as of Tanmaya Honervogt’s School of Traditional Usui Reiki , Samasathi Boussard has established an international Association which equally promotes Mikao Usui’s Reiki in its purest form and gathers sincere Seekers of Truth all engaged upon the Path of Light.

All Reiki Masters from all over Mother Earth are personally invited by Samasathi to join SSED and become Local Organizers and/or Representatives.

As a Member, you have in particular access to our Reiki Masters’ Forum online which is a precious tool to exchange expert views, expand your knowledge thanks to the group energy, and find answers to delicate issues.