Declaration of Hawayo Takata

“Look at the sky from the bottom of a well, it is a hole. Look at it from the top of a mountain, and beyond the sky there is still another sky.” Chinese Proverb


32Whilst writing this essay, with a limited number of words, upon the Art of Healing, I shall be more practical then technical for what I am going to try to define is not related to a being presenting any materiality under any shape, under any denomination.  I believe that there exists a Supreme Being – the Absolute Infinite – , a dynamic force that governs the world and the Universe.  It is an invisible spiritual power which vibrates and all the other forms of power become meaningless in its presence.  It is thus Absolute.

This power is impossible to penetrate or to measure, and by the very fact that it is a Universal Life Force, it is not understandable to man.  However any sentient being, be it awake or asleep, benefits everyday of its grace.

Some teachers and masters call it the High Spirit, the Energy of Life, for it revitalizes the organism when being called upon; Celestial Flow for it soothes pain and puts you in a deep sleep as if you were under anaesthesia,  and Cosmic Wave because it emits vibrations that make you joyful and elevate you towards harmony.

I shall call it  “Reiki” because I have studied it under this name.  Reiki is a wave comparable to radio wavelengths.  It can be applied locally or at a distance exactly like a short wave.

62Reiki is neither electricity nor radium nor x-rays, it can penetrate inside fine layers of silk, linen, chinaware or lead, wood or steel because it comes from the High Spirit, the Infinite.

It can destroy neither delicate tissues nor nerves.  It is totally harmless, it is therefore a practical and safe treatment.  Whatever is alive can benefit from it as it is a Universal Flow:  plants as well as birds and all animals, human beings young or old, poor or rich.

It should be applied and utilized everyday to prevent ailments.  God gave us this body, a place where to live, and our daily bread.  We were born in this world with a determined aim and we should consequently have health and happiness.  This was the divine plan and this is why He has supplied us with all that we need.  He gave us hands which we can impose to heal, to maintain physical health and mind balance, to free us from our ignorance and to live an awakened world in harmony with us and the others, in love with all sentient beings.  When these rules are everyday put in practice, the body answers and whatever we wish and desire to reach in this world come close:  health, happiness, and the road towards the longevity that we all look for.  I call that Perfection.

Being a Universal Force of the High Divine Spirit, it belongs to all those that look for it and wish to learn the Art of Healing.

102It distinguishes neither race nor religion, old nor young ones.  It is present when the student is ready to accept it; he is shown the Path.  The initiation is a holy ceremony and the contact is established.  No mistake, no doubt is possible because we associate ourselves to the Divine Spirit.  It is the Absolute.  At the first contact or initiation, your hands emit vibrations when you impose them upon the diseased organ.  Pain is suppressed, a wound stops bleeding, and your hands are ready to heal acute and chronic diseases of all living beings, plants, birds, animals.

In the case of acute diseases, only a few minutes of hands-on are necessary.  But when chronic diseases are concerned, the first step is to find the cause and effect.

Begin the treatment with the eyes, then the sinus, hypophyse, ears, throat, thyroid, thymus, stomach, gall-bladder, liver, spleen, solar plexus, ileo-coecal valve, colon, sigmoid point, ovaries, bladder, finally the chest and heart.

The patient turns on his back, you treat the back, lungs, great sympathic, kidneys, bladder and prostate.

During the hands-on, have faith in your hands.  Pay heed to their vibrations and reactions.  If there is pain, your fingertips and palms do register it.  If the patient is itchy, the reaction is the same.  If there is a deep chronic disorder, you can experience a violent pain, or if at the opposite there is an acute ailment, you will perceive a light tickle.  As soon as the body replies to the treatment, the acute disease will disappear but the cause remains.  Daily attack the cause and, with every hands-on, you will witness improvements.  After having thus treated the organs, I finish the session with a massage of the backbone to balance the circulation.  I apply on the skin a few drops of sesame oil or any virgin vegetal oil.  I put my thumb and index upon the left side of the backbone and go down along it 10 to 15 times.

Only in the case of diabetics do I give a massage upwards.  Legs and arms are massaged in the direction of the heart.

The above treatment is the basic treatment, it requires at least an hour, depending upon the intricacy or gravity of the sickness.

By going over the body in its slightest details, the hands become sensitive and able to determine the minutest internal block and its cause, be it a disorder – physical or mental, acute or chronic.  Reiki will give back to the organism its normal way of operating, without any medicine or any trauma inducing treatment.

After four days to three weeks, one can witness a great change in the organism:  all internal organs and glands begin to operate at a much better pace and with improved efficiency.

Saps are normally secreted, nerves relax, adherences disappear, the lazy colon is now working, faecal matters and gases are normally evacuated by the intestines.

Accumulated in the organism for years, toxins now leave through the skin pores under the aspect of a sticky sweat.

Dark faeces increase in volume and their odour becomes strong.  Urine takes the colour of strong tea, it is sometimes as white as when flour is thrown into water.  This lasts for 4 to 6 days, and I have had patients who reacted on their very first treatment.

When these signs appear, you can be sure that a regeneration of the intestines is taking place.  With such a clean-up, the organism becomes active:  sleepy nerves find feeling again, appetite increases, deep sleep becomes quite natural, eyes shine, the skin breathes good health.

With a new blood, a good circulation, the nerves and glands are rejuvenated, you can become younger in appearance by 5 to 10 years!  This is now time to pay heed to what you eat.  With Reiki, we are vegetarian and eat all the fruits and vegetables that are in season.  Nature produces fruits and vegetables in great quantities, that we should never waste.  To eat too much is a sin.  We should eat with moderation and with a feeling of gratitude to the High Spirit who is the Creator, who is the All Mighty allowing plants to grow, bloom and give fruit.

Sit at the table with pleasant thoughts.  When you are worried, do not eat.  Milk, white sugar, starch must be avoided if the patient has a fragile stomach.  With the right food, the patient responds much more rapidly to the treatment.

Extract of the book REIKI in memory of Takata Sensei elaborated by Mrs Alice Takat Furumoto in 1982 according to the first notes of Hawayo Takata.