Reiki Self Treatment

“If you believe that everything is perfect in your life, you are either a Buddha or totally stupid.”  Tibetan Saying

Self Treatment Positions

101. Close your eyes and go deep into your inner self.  Hands over your eyes, near each side of your nose, fingers kept together pointing upwards, little fingers meeting on the forehead, the palms resting on your cheek bones.  Relaxing your eyes releases stress from your whole body.

2. Now move your hands to both sides of your head, above your ears, palms covering your temples and fingers meeting over the top of your head. You are covering the Crown Chakra, the connecting point to your spiritual self.  Hands in this position balance the right and left sides of your brain and, correspondingly the left feminine side of your body and the right masculine side.  It is an excellent stress release.

3. Now place your hands on both sides of your head, palms covering the ears.  This position balances your whole physical body.  You feel safe, protected and calm.

334. Now bring the heels of the hands cupped at the lower position of your head, where your head ends and your neck begins.  Fingers and thumbs are closed reaching upwards:  you are forming a triangle to gently hold your head like a perfect ball.  This position helps prevent headaches and migraines; your mind and emotions are peaceful and serene.

5. Both heels now join at the centre of your throat, palms and fingers covering the sides.  This position stimulates the inner immune system and helps clear nervousness.  Energizing the Throat Chakra develops creativity and self-expression, and strengthens your desire for peace over conflict.

6. Now place your hands above your breasts, fingers touching in the centre below your throat and collar bones.  The Heart Chakra is our centre for unconditional love.  This position strengthens your circulatory system and alleviates fears caused by suppressed emotions.  You can let go and let come.

7. Now place your hands under the rib cage, middle fingertips touching on the solar plexus.  In this position, you receive power and the will to achieve.  The Solar Plexus Chakra governs your relationship to the environment.

548. Both hands now rest on either side of your navel, where fingertips meet.  This position allows a warm feeling of self-acceptance and self-love.  The Sacral Chakra is the centre of sexual energy and sensuality: you are now accepting both your feminine and masculine energies.

9. Now bring your hands down over the public bone, fingers touching in the centre forming a “V” shape, palms towards the hips.  This position helps you ground your energy.  Working on the Root Chakra alleviates the fear of moving forward into life and taking decisions.  This is your survival centre and you now feel confident and strong.


6610. Reach up and place your hands on your shoulder blades, middle fingertips meeting in the centre of your spine.  You are now connecting with the higher energies through a very important chakra called the Alta Major:  the spinal cord and every organ in your body are now receiving Reiki energy.  You feel serene and focused, you are a bridge between the earth and the sky.

11. Now place one hand in the middle of your upper back.  Palm facing outwards.  Bring the other hand to the middle of your chest.  You are now giving Reiki to your Heart Chakra, linking the lower physical wheels of energy and the higher spiritual energy.  This position strengthens your immune system, your thymus, your lungs and your heart.  You give and receive love freely:  you build self-esteem and self-trust. You are not fighting against life.

12. Place both hands above your waistline, your hands are opposite your solar plexus, fingertips meeting in the middle of your spine.  This is a good position to send the joy of life to your centre of power, your own inner sun.  You are treating your adrenals, kidneys, spleen and your liver.  You feel strong, you are not scared by life, you release all stress from your body. You have no feeling of guilt.

13. Your hands now move just below the waist, enveloping your lower back.  You are connecting with your Sacral Chakra, which governs your sexuality and your capacity to express yourself as a sexual being, in true harmony.  You are treating your superadrenals and again working on your kidneys, one of the major seats of your vital energy.  You eliminate negativity and release your fears of others and of your environment.

14414. Now cover your buttocks, your fingers pointing down in a “V” shape, and meeting over the sacrum and the coccyx.  This position relaxes all the tension stored in your spine, alleviates leg pain such as sciatica, and stimulates blood circulation.  Opening our Root Chakra, you benefit from Mother Earth’s energy, which can now travel freely in your body.  You feel safe and physically strong; doors are now open to you in this life.  You have a great sense of being.  You are.

You have now given yourself a wonderful full body treatment.  Bring your arms down gently alongside your body and enjoy the deep, serene feeling of being totally centred.  Feel how the Universal Energy of Reiki travels up and down your whole body.  Feel how you are one with the Universe, above all duality.

You are rested and contented.  You are strong and vital.

Now come back slowly to where you are physically.  Take a deep breath and gently move and stretch your whole body.  Open your eyes!  Life is beautiful!