What is Reiki

“Just remember you are a Buddha, a divine being of Light” Samasathi or Right Remembrance:  the last word of the Buddha Shakyamuni
“Nothing is cut from nothing…What you do not understand from your body, you will not understand anywhere else…”Upanishads
“For what is beautiful, for what is good, for what is true, to live resolutely.”  Goethe

19An ancestral science of the Universal Life Energy, Reiki enables you to discover the harmony of mind and body, which also contributes to awareness expansion.

By opening the seven chakras and related endocrine glands, Reiki starts a natural process of clearing, cleansing and harmonization that addresses issues such as pain relief, stress, fatigue, depression, disease, disorders, suppressed emotions,…  Simultaneously, your mind and body are gently fortified and revitalized.


60Energy and harmony will progressively dissolve any energy blocks that you may hold within yourself, blocks that present themselves as ongoing ailments, fears and pain that you have experienced over many years, that are deeply recorded in the cellular memory of your physical body.

99A Reiki treatment will produce a deep cleansing effect on your mind, body, emotions and spirit whilst supporting your own healing capacity.  Your inner mind will also benefit from a sharper internal clarity and you may later take decisions needed in order to transform your life for the better.

The two Japanese symbols stand for:

  • REI:  the Energy of the Universe, the Energy of the Cosmos
  • KI  :  the Primordial Life Force:  “Chi” in Chinese, “Prana” in Sanskrit, “ Life Breathe” in English, “Souffle Vital” in French


Samasathi School of Traditional Usui Reiki