Aligning the Chakras

“If only the mind can be taught renunciation, one can become a spiritually serene person.” Sai BABA


34Who are we, but a line of energy, pulsating more or less in harmony according to the balance of our four planes (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)?

Enveloping our physical body, the ethereic aura is the direct result of this pulsation and will be strong, smooth, firm provided that our life energy is harmonious, our Chakras, true vortexes of energy , turning on themselves without any blockages .

47In Sanskrit , a Chakra is a “wheel of energy”, and, although the Tradition numbers 72,000 the seven (the wisdom number)  main ones are located alongside a channel (“Sushumna”) following the backbone from the Root up to the Crown.

Symbolically represented as lotus flowers ranging from 4 petals for the Root and 1,024 for the Crown, the Chakras whirl faster and faster when aligned, similar to blooming flowers radiating energy.

In direct relation with the too often overlooked endocrinal glands, the Chakras impact on our four planes, and aligning them is the very essence of a Reiki treatment:

1.    I   AM:    the Root Chakra is the Centre of Survival; the newborn has first to survive.  A baby lives in the present and the fragmentation of life has us loose this grace.  We have to find again our Inner Child.

2.    I   FEEL:      the Sacral Chakra is the Centre of Desire; here enters duality and the emotional law of attraction and repulsion.  We wish to be approved and accepted, we are scared to be abandoned.

3.    I   WANT:    the Solar plexus is our Inner Sun and the Centre of our Will; we want to conquer the world and, what is good, master our fears.  There is no love here but all the pressures of our modern society:  money, power, image.

4.    I   LOVE:      the Heart Chakra is the Centre of Unconditional Love and truly the Bridge between our earthen energies and the higher spiritual ones.  Here Love becomes stronger than primal fears, and we discover the virtue of giving.107

5.    I   TRUST:   the Throat Chakra is the Centre of Trust and governs our capacity of expression.  We open ourselves to life, and every sentient being including Mother Earth and the Cosmos is the face of Oneness.

6.    I   SEE:    the Third Eye is the Centre of Intuition.  We accept to let come and let go, and we are not scared to look at the Sun.  We are now aware of the limits and dangers of the ego and we privilege intuition over mind.

7.    I   KNOW:   the Crown Chakra is the Centre of Wisdom (the number 7).  We are One with the Universe.  We started in Innocence and we end in Innocence.  Beginning and end, life and death, positive and negative are one.  This is the Circle of Truth.

123“Samasathi”:  We are all divine beings and Buddhas to become!  From the very beginning, everything is present as well as each Chakra contains all seven ones.  Once all aligned, there is only One Energy radiating Light and Love.

Only the direction of your attention has changed, for all the aspects of the Universe have always been in you.

Our relative existence is just a grain of sand in the Ocean with which we are One.