Ethical Chart

“Satyan Nasti Paro Dharma” “There is no religion higher to Truth”  Theosophical Society



Life is one and the very essence of matter. The famous scientist Edison wrote many years ago: “ It seems to me that every atom owns a certain quantity of primitive intelligence. See how atoms combine themselves with those of other elements in one thousand ways! Will you say that they do it without intelligence? ”


101Ethics begins with the plain interest for the other being: when guided in our relative life by Ethics, we cannot hurt any other sentient being as we feel deep inside us a spontaneous overwhelming link with the whole manifested creation.

The Samasathi School of Esoteric Disciplines has for purpose and mission to generate Enlightenment.

  • By fostering Universal Love with no distinction between human beings, animals, vegetals or any other sentient beings.
  • By promoting Universal Compassion amongst human beings and towards animals, vegetals and Mother Earth.
  • By encouraging the eclectic study of religions, philosophies, sciences and arts (“There is no religion higher than Truth”).
  • By examining with discernment the unexplained laws of Creation.
  • By revealing the divine potential present in every living being.
  • By teaching to the greatest possible number holistic disciplines such as Reiki, Meditation, Shiatsu, etc.
  • By helping reach Harmony and Self-Realization through the alignment of the four planes (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).
  • By developing Tolerance and Acceptation worldwide with objectivity.
  • By helping its Members but also everyone to advance on the Path of Truth towards Unity and above duality.

“Do not desire to sow seeds for your personal harvest. Just desire to sow this seed of which the fruit will feed the world.”Shiva Nataraj