Golden Book

“We are the secrets of God’s treasures, we are an ocean full of pearls, we are part of the moon, we are also the ones who sit at the throne of the Kingdom” Jelaluddin RUMI
“In those two days I discovered my capacity of energy, and now I know that I am going to keep on working. From all my heart, thank you for this clinic that enriched me so much. May God bless you.” Patricia (Colombia)

46“It was an incredible week-end, the best one of the whole year. I will now walk a new path, full of light. Life is beautiful! One thousand thanks!” Florence (Japan)

“Thank you for this wonderful week-end loaded in emotions: the beginning of a new life!”
Françoise (France)

“The week-end seminar was great, the energy so high, everyone was enthusiastic, and we all experienced things that we felt we needed to, when we focused on the truth in ourselves. I had a wonderful time and I feel centred, positive and grateful for your guidance.”
Louise (Australia)

“Thank you Samasathi you have been the one that put me on the Path of Reiki. It has opened new horizons to my practice of hands on as a Shiatsu-ki. May the force be forever with us.”
Sandrine (USA)

“Thank you for the change as I know this light is carrying me somewhere upwards.”
Robert (USA)

“How to express my gratitude? I feel so much more spiritual.”
Chihiro (Japan)80

“I could already feel the need to penetrate this spiritual world, and I am so happy to have met you on this path. But there is no coincidence as we all know it.”
Laurence (France)

“Peace in the World. Two days of love and peace. Thanks to Reiki.”
Mary-Choi (Malaysia)

“Clarity – sky blue – white and light – well being and life – I feel transformed and in harmony. Such a joy to share it with all of you!” Fabienne (France)

“Light, images and all new sensations. The affirmation of my inner self: These are my first feelings from your session.” Jolyne (France)

“Reiki Advanced, I have spent a great day and I have learnt so much. Another step to greater understanding and using Reiki much more in my life. With gratitude.”
Anne (Australia)

“At long last, I start to elevate. Things get stabilized, chaos vanishes.”
Céline (Canada)

“To bring clarity to an invisible light that has been hidden by nature, and with this new found light, to bring well-being to others is a divine gift of Love and Light.”
Robert, new Reiki Master (USA)

“From all my heart and my soul, thank you for this wonderful adventure of Love.”
Corinne (France)148 Gopuram Meenakshi Madurau

“A wretched ewe lost in the middle of wolves, it seems that I can survive in this mad world. Thank you Samasathi to have initiated me to the secrets of meditation and light.”
Paul-Aurelien (France)

“After days of meditation and spiritual exercises, I feel as though I have been gently brought to the gateway of spirituality, to the beautiful path of life with Reiki. I thank you Samasathi for acknowledging my deepest desire to open my life to help any living being that crosses my path and to live, breathe and be Reiki.
You have shown me the way and it is just another wonderful beginning with such a sure feeling of being ONE with this Universe. My love and grace to you!”
Leesa, new Reiki Master (Australia)

“Thank you for this incredible week-end so powerful in emotions and rich in discoveries. I am so happy to have spent these 2 days in the company of fantastic people.”
Charlie (Poland)

“Thank you for your gifts, Samasathi. I am deeply happy and grateful.”
Aude (France)

“Thank you, Samasathi, for this week-end: I had the sensation of being centred once again, but also to have learnt very rich techniques.” Sandrine (Poland)

“The joy to advance towards light, the joy to have met all of you, and my gratitude to you, Samasathi.” Isabelle (France)

“Those 2 days gave me so much! Thank you for your extreme kindness. May you all enjoy this life and ones to come. Love.” Corinne (France)

Retreat“This day of Advanced Reiki: you have again brought us upwards: till where shall we go? You have my full and total trust. Thank you to have guided me on this Path. Love.”
Françoise (France)

“Nobody before you had felt my inner blocks! I have positive energy inside my being, and I want it to grow. To come towards you with Reiki and Meditation is to find the Path to my wellbeing and balance. This first approach is so wonderful!”
Silvia (Colombia)