Vipassana Meditation

“The first thing on which one has to meditate is our precious human existence free and qualified, difficult to obtain and easily destroyed”  Kalou Rinpotché
For what is beautiful, for what is good, for what is true, to live resolutely” Goethe
11What is Meditation? A tool to reach harmony on the four physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes, but above all the quintessence of spiritual development when one has reached Unity with the Universe and left behind any duality.

As a tool, meditation will enhance vital energy, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual awakening whilst bringing healing and well-being.

Meditation exercises can be independently practiced and enjoyed, as each one will help balance and harmonize your chakras from the Root Chakra (the Centre of Survival) through the bridge of the Heart Chakra ( the Centre of Unconditional Love) to the Crown Chakra ( to be One with the Universe).

Meditation is of great help to all seekers on the Spiritual Path as well as to all engaged in a holistic discipline, and in particular Reiki practitioners and masters, in order to elevate consciousness.

153 MeditationFind a comfortable place, give yourself time, take a deep breath, empty your mind and your heart of the worries of your life!

Just a few words of advice:

  • Be a meditating yogi: you have two essential tools at your disposal: your spine and your breath. Keep your back absolutely straight for your spine is the rope of your life energy tensed upwards. Breathe gently and calmly using your diaphragm.

“Meditation is the breeze that comes in when you let the window open, but, if you open on purpose to invite it inside, it will never come.”  Krishnamurti

  • The mind is like a wild elephant imprisoned pulling on an unbreakable chain, the mind is like an unfortunate boat lost on stormy seas: let it rest in peace and serenity.

Let rest in the great natural peace our exhausted mind continuously beaten by the unceasing waves of the infinite ocean of Samsara” Kalu Rinpoche

  • Observe your thoughts with benevolent neutrality: do not block them but above all do not engage into a chain of negative/positive discourse: let your thoughts become specks of dust swept by the wind of Wisdom as soon as they fall on the shining immaculate mirror of a calm mind: “let come and let go!”

155 Meditation room“Use the mental as a mirror. Do not take anything, do not reject anything. Receive all, keep nothing.” Lao Tseu

  • Our physical body is but an envelope that separates us from all other living beings (humans, animals, plants, minerals, the earth, the solar galaxy, the cosmos) in a dual world: do cultivate emptiness, search for vacuity and you will merge into Unity.

“For the lover, a beautiful woman is an object of desire; for the hermit, a matter of distraction; and for the wolf, a good meal.” A Buddhist Saying

After having meditated , keep your eyes shut for a few minutes, gently come back to the reality of your environment, feel how the Energy of the Universe circulates throughout your body, your emotions, your mind, your spirit.

You have now left behind the heavy suitcases of the past, you are placing neither hopes nor fears in your future, you have a great sense of being: you are.154 meditation 2

Your energy is restored
You are content and peaceful
You are strong and vital

Doors are open to you in this life. Go out: remember to walk the walk, and talk the talk.
Do enjoy every instant of this precious life.
“Those tortured by the summer heats languish for the autumn moonshine, without even to be scared at the idea that then one hundred days of their lives will be gone for ever.”
The Buddha Shakyamuni

Open your eyes: Life is beautiful!