Martial Arts

“Desire, hate and other passions are handless and feetless enemies; they are neither brave nor clever; how could I have become their slave” Shantideva


12Since the beginning of time, human beings have learnt and practiced fighting skills for ultimate survival and supremacy. Martial Arts however go much beyond physical skills, as through the control of the body they aim at the control of the emotions and the control of the mind.

Not surprisingly to the student of Esoteric Disciplines, Mother India, and more specifically Kerala, is traditionally seen as the birthplace of all Martial Arts which then spread thanks to Buddhist monks to China ( the famous Shaolin temple), then to Korea and only in the XIXth century to Japan.

13There is no serious teaching of Martial Art without dedicated work on Energy ( ki in Japanese, chi in Chinese, prana in India and vital breathe in the West ), as practice will focus upon the fluid circulation of energy throughout the physical body : as in any holistic discipline (ref Reiki or Shiatsu ), the transmission of the energy is like clear cool water ( blue ) although the energy itself is burning fire ( red ).

What is the Way of Martial Arts —- the traditional Do —— if not the Path of Truth on which the practitioner advances all his life long towards self-realization ?

14Training with a partner, training alone : both are the same for we move with and within the Cosmic Energy and come thus closer to the clear understanding of the Universal Law.

A 3rd Dan in Karate Do which he has been practicing since his teens and a 2nd Dan in Taekwon Do with four years spent in Korea, Samasathi has been initiated to many other Martial Arts : judo, aikido, kendo, nunchaku, vietvodao ( Black Belt), taichi, capoeira and thai kickboxing; he has trained and taught in many countries and even introduced Shotokan Karate International ( S.K.I.) in India from 1985 to 1987 with an Official Letter of Mission signed by Hirokazu Kanazawa Senseï.

Samasathi teaches efficiency as Martial Arts are lethal knowledge, but above all, with a holistic approach that incorporates meditation in every session, the understanding of one’s energy on the four planes : your body becomes stronger and flexible, your emotions calm and serene, your mental as clear as a limpid lake ( the Japanese
“ Kokoro” ) and you ultimately gain in spiritual elevation.15

Samasathi now teaches in Byron Bay ( Australia ), offering one-to-one individualized classes or group sessions, and Martial Arts can also be part of the Spiritual Retreats held in Australia, in France, in India and in Japan under his guidance.