Animal Well – Being

“Remember that each individual is a letter of God’s alphabet. Past, present, or future, everyone is a thema in Divine Harmony.” Sri RAM
At the very origin, beyond the concepts of time and space, there is Conscience, also called by humans God.

17Conscience who is Unity finds manifestation which constantly and forever gives birth to the Manifested World in its multiple forms: humans, animals, vegetals, minerals, Mother Earth, our solar galaxy and all other systems.

In this world submitted to duality (you and me, the sun and the moon, positive and negative,……) amongst all sentient beings stand out exactly as we humans stand out the Animals and the Vegetals.

Holistic disciplines that as such impact on the four plans of duality (body, emotions, mind, spirit) can all be applied to Animals: it is as efficient as pleasant to give our animal brethren Reiki or Shiatsu, and even to invite them to Meditation, for, like babies, no mental construction is there to block the energy.

18Samasathi loves to exchange Love with animals; give them Reiki, Shiatsu, Meditation, Relaxation and Massage exactly as you would to your own baby!!!! Do not put any intention, be yourself one with the Cosmic Energy, and … do not look down upon animals because of your human condition (status …)! Your horse (see: “Horsemanship”), your dog, your cat will immediately return love to you, and both your auras will merge into one, this is a soft approach indeed to Oneness above duality.

Samasathi is always willing to bring holistic assistance worldwide to vets, animal welfare associations, horse riding schools and all those committed to ethical fights and projects aiming to alleviate animal suffering:

  • Vivisection: is an ignominy and monstrous sin: without even taking into account the proven fact that alternative methods to animal experimentation exist; subjecting on purpose our animal brethren to mutilations and tortures cannot be justified by medical research for the benefit of humans.
  • 27Animal Testing: is an ignominy and monstrous sin: ban products manufactured by companies which conduct testing on animals (see PETA website: How can a woman admire herself in a mirror to check her lipstick if an animal has suffered during the testing, (lipstick is mainly tested on rabbits)?
  • Bullfighting: (Corridas and other “bull games”) is an ignominy and a monstrous sin: whatever the “explanation” is, eg. The ritual sacrifice of a bull at the very origin or the bravour of toreros, killing animals for fun whilst slowly and expertly torturing them is in absolute opposition to Ethics. This is obviously valid for every animal death fight (dogs, camels, birds eg. roosters and quails, ……) organized by “brave courageous” men, or similar “clever” games such as bear dancing, circus tricks (tigers jumping through fire), horse and bull “tough-riding”,……
  • 40Hunting: is an ignominy and a monstrous sin: without of course condemning what can be called “survival hunting” practiced by tribal folks in Amazonia, Africa, Antarctica, etc….., who are we to declare war to wild animals (the few still remaining…….) and on what grounds, using sophisticated weapons similar to “mass destruction weapons” when we have an abundance of food available daily? What to say in particular of fox or deer hunts on horseback, or of spear fishing?
  • Extreme Animal Farming: is an ignominy and a monstrous sin: our brothers are living beings and not “processed items of mass production and consumption”. Let us ban battery farms (from baby calves to chicken and pigs; see the movie “Baraka”) as well as factory ships and fishing farms (prawns, trout, salmon, and now, even in open seas, tuna). Note that we could talk hereafter of other sentient beings that are vegetals (from deforestation to OGM……………….).

135There are many other issues for which, should it be only to “save the planet” for future human generations, awareness has to grow and rise.

For example, exactly as for themselves, too many humans only consider the physical health of their pets instead of their well-being which includes the emotional, mental and spiritual planes: if you have a pet, consider his wholeness and treat them as such. A dog attached day-in day-out to a chain is not happy even if well-fed and physically strong………

And for all those that are not yet vegetarian, at least pay homage to the sacrifice of the animal whose flesh you are consuming.

165 Chimp love