“The outer freedom that we shall reach depends upon the degree of inner freedom that we shall have acquired.” Mahatma Gandhi
29For the past years, more and more therapeuticians, doctors of medicine and psychoanalysts fight stress, anguish, anxiety, depression, emotional disorders and all other kinds of psychosomatic ailments and diseases.

Like Reiki which was “reinvented” by Dr Mikao Usui from Buddhism, Sophrology is a very ancient therapy which originated in Greece more than two thousand years ago and was “rediscovered” by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a Colombian neuropsychiatrist, in the 1960’s. Caycedo added wise precepts from Indian and Tibetan Buddhism to ancient approaches by Greek Philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle, in order to develop a new soft therapy that is truly a way of life.

  • SOS: harmony, balance
  • PHREN: awareness, mind
  • LOGOS: science, knowledge

Samasathi practices and teaches the Art of Sophrology as the acquisition of the knowledge of awareness in harmony: not unlike Reiki, it is the patient who is the “healer” under the guidance of the Sophrologist:

  • 90The first session is traditionally named an “anamnesis”: the patient will literally “re-call” from his memory suppressed emotions that are the deep cause of the current traumas; we all carry with us heavy suitcases from the past, that are pushed back inside our cellular memory. Very often, what appears at first sight only physical (including disorders such as cancer or minor accidents such as a sprained ankle) has a deep emotional cause: this is the Law of Karma (see the “Reiki” menu).
  • In further sessions, Sophronization takes place to bring back trust, serenity, balance and harmony: it consists of inducing the brain to release “alpha” and even “theta” waves so that the patient gradually descends deeper and deeper towards a state of primordial innocence (our Inner Child). This is by no means a process of hypnosis as you will always remain fully aware of everything that is taking place.

Following a carefully guided meditation by Samasathi, a softly induced Sophronization will successfully address true conflicting issues such as difficulties with expression and communication, family interrelations, stress – due to a past or current relationship, work tensions, grief or disease vulnerability, etc………………….

108With the conjunction of Reiki, Shiatsu or Art Therapy, amazing results are quickly obtained, usually after a maximum of four sessions, as first of all one has to acknowledge self-love, self-acceptance, and self-trust.

In this aspect, Samasathi’s Sophrology is truly a holistic therapy which simultaneously heals the body, the emotions, the mind and the spirit: as we are One with the Universe, above any duality, good health is to be considered as global well-being, with physical ailments only effects of prior emotional causes.