Witness to Miracles

“Be frank in your acts: do not ever try to pretend to be the one that you are not; for every disguise is an obstacle to the pure light of Truth.” H. P. BLAVATSKY


41Reiki has been a great healing force in my life and I can write about my own miracle, my son.  We all hold negative emotions inside ourselves and Reiki releases and cleanses the body of these conflicting emotions regardless how deep or how far back in history these hurts and pains are.   Without realising I had stored many emotions that in essence paralysed my being.  My mind and body were blocked and my desire to conceive a child seemed totally impossible.  Although I tried many different methods, I felt as though it just wasn’t possible in this lifetime.  There was a missing link deep inside myself.  I had moments of deep introspection as to my true desire to wish for a child in my life, which surprisingly surfaced thoughts of selfishness, guilt and unworthiness…….  Not good enough to be a mother.

My first experience of Reiki was actually at my Reiki I  initiation.  Although I had toyed with the idea of attending a Reiki initiation for over 10 years, as they say when the pupil is ready the master appears, well my time came when my husband offered  Reiki I initiation as a spiritual gift.  I finally had the great opportunity of learning and experiencing this wonderful healing energy.  Once I felt the energy of Reiki I felt as though I had returned home to some deep place within my soul, and that I was being charged by Pure Universal Energy.

I had several sessions with Samasathi after my initiation and I cried in the beginning.  I cried from deep, deep within my being, I cried as I have never felt like crying before, and I had such pain in my heart and my head ached with such a release of emotion.  When Samasathi touched my knees, the centre of stored emotions, a wave of emotion engulfed my body and fears and frustrations freely began to be purged from my body.  Trying not to block the process I tried to let the emotions flow out and away from me.

A miracle had begun.  My body felt cleansed, I really felt different, so much lighter.  As a huge secret had been told, I no longer had to guard destructive emotions, layer by layer they were being released.  I started to think quite differently, and I spoke with a new surge of divine truth.  I needed to be true to myself and I knew that I was fit and able to conceive and that I was worthy of welcoming a child into this world –  should this be my path.  Without doubt and with newfound faith I put the past behind me and opened myself up to the Universal Light Force.

I passed my Reiki II with Samasathi and soon after my little beam of light was conceived.  Upon conception I visualised a glowing egg of energy being fertilized by an illuminated spermatozoa,  a divine spark of energy ignited the life of my little miracle.  Reiki played an essential part of my pregnancy and I experienced beautiful months  trouble-free and stress-free.  I attended Samasathi’s Meditation Nights each week and continued to have Reiki Sessions, as well as every time I touched my stomach I gave my little baby Reiki.  I used Reiki and  relaxation techniques leading into labour and our baby boy received his first Reiki session when he was 10 minutes old.

49Besides my own miracle I have seen miraculous changes within people instantly.  For some people it is the first time in their life that they have experienced unconditional love energy.  Reiki touches the heart chakra and shocks it back into movement.  People leave a session with a great burst of energy and have a glow of life and love.  Perhaps it could be called Reiki Radiance.

Each healing touch of Reiki is a gift.  As a new Master I realise how it is such a great gift to give Reiki and it is a great gift and blessing to receive Reiki.  I look into the eyes of my baby and I am so grateful to have been healed by Reiki prior to meeting him.


“You should try Reiki”: this is how I came to practice it. Those words were exchanged with a Shiatsu-ki friend (like myself) during our sharing of experiences and feelings.

My approach of Shiatsu is truly very Yin. After having practiced it for a few months, strange sensations appeared in my hands and forearms. Then pains very similar to those experienced by my patients. Magnetism was the word used to describe those phenomena of pains absorption. Reiki revealed itself to me at that time. Without delay I contacted a Reiki Master recommended by my Shiatsu-ki friend.

This is how I met Samasathi: it is essential to totally trust your Master, I believe that the reciprocity is also essential. For that reason , we met several times before any initiation.

The First Degree was absolutely amazing for its energy sensations and well-being, even if the latter is secondary. The immediate result was getting rid of a long-established lower back pain. It is hard to tell whether there is a relation of cause and effect, but afterwards my whole life was changed with new decisions taken, improved working methods and organization, new goals chosen.

The Second Degree was more a refining in the sensations developed during the months between the two levels. Once centered, techniques and theory almost fully integrated, the main focus becomes the intuitive feeling that comes through utter self-trust.

Besides the initiations to the pure techniques associated to Reiki, it is also essential to learn to listen to the other person, his/her global being.

I am extremely happy and grateful to Samasathi to have Reiki as an integral part of my life.


119I had the opportunity of giving several treatments of Reiki to a woman who confided to me the as precise as terrible remembrance of having been raped when a very little child: beyond this horror, she had felt non-protected and abandoned by her parents.

Before my session, I determine in full agreement with the receiver our direction of work. However I always precise that , should anything “come to me” during the session, I do it because I know that the information comes from well beyond me.

One day the notion of “working” upon the time when she lived this abomination came very strongly to me. I therefore called the 3 years old little girl and told her that she was “healed, surrounded with tenderness, loved”.

At the end of the session, she opened the eyes. Her features were smooth, her cheeks round and full, her gaze luminous.

And her words: “I do not know where I was but it was far away, very  very  far away. I feel liberated, light.” touched me at the deepest point.

When I told her what had occurred, she nestled in my arms with trust and joy.

Today again I give grace for what happened.