“Without knowing your degree of inner harmony, we can only cure you of an afflicting disease, for your inner harmony conditions your health. Experience shows that this latter must in fact be treated.”  Paracelsius


91Samasathi practices and teaches the traditional Namikoshi Therapy invented by Tokiyiro Namikoshi, founder of the Japanese Institute of Shiatsu in 1940 and where elder son Toru is nowadays considered as the foremost Shiatsu-ki worldwide.

Like acupuncture, Shiatsu works upon our vital points (“tsubo” in Japanese), distributed all over our physical body, on 22 major “meridians”. The Shiatsu-ki applies pressure on the skin with the palms or the fingers and especially the thumbs in order to deter diseases and ailments or to heal them by stimulating the natural recovery power of the body, whilst eliminating causes of fatigue and favouring good health.

93Not unlike Reiki, Shiatsu can be considered as a holistic healing method as the notion of good health encompasses the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit: a living being is one and unique at the same time as we all have a specific life energy and a specific spiritual karma.

Shiatsu associates diagnostic and therapeutics: each pressure offers a diagnostic enabling the therapist to treat the patient according to the condition of his body. There is no secondary effect and no age limit: Shiatsu fortifies the body of children and prevents ageing in adults. It is a barometer of health as regular treatments help detect bodily disorders and prevent fatigue build up and disease development.

A Shiatsu session with Samasathi encompasses the whole body, as a localized treatment can only have temporary effects: the only way of obtaining a complete healing is to first treat the body then the pathological areas.

Shiatsu has a strong impact upon our physiological functions:

  • It vivifies the skin and returns its elasticity.
  • It supples muscles and corrects stiffness which negatively impacts nerves, internal organs and endocrine glands.
  • It stimulates the circulation of bodily fluids and thus supports heart function.
  • It regulates neural functions and re-establishes the harmony of the nervous system.
  • It controls the endocrinal system so essential for good health.
  • It fortifies bones, joints and ligaments, and fights arthritis as well as ossifications.
  • It helps to absorb nutrients in the intestines and facilitates a healthy and regular transit and digestive process.

Shiatsu therapy can be used to virtually cure any kind of bodily disorder, disease or ailment, but Shiatsu does not cure cancer, leukaemia, liver cirrhosis , appendicitis, nor pleurisy……………….

116Samasathi practices and teaches Namikoshi Shiatsu as a holistic discipline, quite often – according to the patient’s physical and spiritual states – in conjunction with Vipassana Meditation, Sophrology and Reiki.

Regular sessions of Shiatsu associated with the respect of the following six Golden Rules and an understanding of Unity with the Universe will make your life longer, pleasant and much happier:

  • A proper diet with a minimum of animal fats and a maximum of vegetables, fruits, and natural fibres. Avoid over processed foods and carbohydrates. Drink plenty of water. Be vegetarian if you can. Eat at regular times, avoid overindulging, eat slowly with good mastication.
  • Adopt a good sleeping pattern as sleep is more beneficial than the utilisation of medicines to recuperate sleep loss and reduce fatigue and tiredness. The ideal is to fall asleep shortly after lying in bed, falling into a deep sleep. Ban any sleeping pills and drugs, etc…………………..;
  • A good elimination: the intestines have to eliminate once a day, usually after breakfast. Obviously a balanced process depends upon a balanced diet (avoid heavy meals and red meat meals). Give yourself Shiatsu every morning on the sigmoid colon area to prevent constipation and have a harmonious digestion.
  • As much exercise as possible: in our modern societies, focussed on communication and with a largely predominant tertiary sector, physical exercise has become the exception! “Mons sana in corpore sano”: move your body, flex, be energetic in you plain daily acts, and make sure to have a regular physical activity and to practice sport.
  • Laugh!!!! When laughing, your diaphragm goes up and down; this stimulates your heart, improves your blood circulation, activates your intestines and stomach. A good laugh is the gate of happiness and the best antidote to combat aging.
  • Meditate and open your spiritual awareness: see the subsections of “Reiki” (in particular “The five Spiritual Principles” as well as “Vipassana Meditation”.