Art Therapy

“Stars, darkness, and light; a ghost, a drop of dew, a cloud; a thought, lightning, a bubble of air; this is how everything should be seen.” Diamond Sutra

86Art Therapy is an extremely effective way of assisting people of all ages , from the youngest of children through to and including the golden years of life. It encompasses the use of art in all forms: dancing, sculpting, drawing, acting, painting, cooking, writing and sketching are all effective ways of opening the creative aspects that lay dormant within everyone. We are all creative, we have different ways of expressing our uniqueness and Art Therapy is a wonderful way of opening and expressing yourself.


Each session of Art Therapy is completely different and extremely effective. For example, the choice of colours or expression one day will change completely in the very next session. The attraction to one colour over another, or one form over another, confronts issues that may need to be addressed in that particular session. As we are vessels of constant energy fluctuation, produced by our thoughts and emotions, the impact upon the body is quite evident. As our chakras are constantly moving and turning, our moods changing, as well as the people that surround us, our 87environment, or the conditions of light that we are exposed to, we need to express ourselves and release any built up energy blocks. Our preferences are displayed in how we choose to dress and present ourselves. We may feel extremely attracted to red for instance, and this does have an influence on the choices of colours for the day, the foods that we choose to eat, our energy levels and our body temperature.


94Art Therapy is extremely useful when used with children with emotional problems that are already locked within the subconscious mind. It is a proven method of displaying the emotions that are not always easily expressed by words. By gently asking the child to explain the story behind the choice of colours and images, not only are the energy blocks removed but they are gently released from the sub conscious mind, relieving the child easily of problems that could arise in the not too distant future. Also effective is the use of Art Therapy with children with attention deficit problems, and in particular ADD: it can be used to encourage concentration and stillness ; the aim is to assist them to just complete one task at a time, whilst still using as much energy and vitality that the child needs to express.


95Equally, and if not more important is the use of Art Therapy with Adults. After years of suppressing emotions, from early childhood through to current adulthood, we constantly layer negativity in our sub conscious mind. In golden years and especially with patients with ailments affecting all forms of expression and communication, Art Therapy opens again the Path of Energy and Beauty : although thought lost, those two qualities usually overrun by depression, pain and grief are easily accessed as we reconnect with the Inner Child. There are many issues that we have kept trapped within ourselves without even realizing that they do have an impact on our present lives. By viewing the product of the session and with meditation in conjunction , the patient’s issues come easily to the surface of the mind. Once depression, guilt and pain released, one has the ability to look beyond the negative and open to Love with understanding and acceptance of past emotions.


133Every work of art is Art! It is your individual expression of yourself in that instant, it shows that life can change, that Beauty can be obtained, and it offers a wonderful freedom and a new way of opening yourself to life with all the changing elements that surround you.

Enjoy this moment, open yourself to change, and come and experience a new dimension.