Working on Your Karma

“Think that all that exists perhaps has no existence, and think at the same time that all that does not exist does exist in reality.”  Omar KHAYAM


52The Path of Life offers the Seeker of Truth two alternatives:  to open one’s way through the mass and then embrace the whole Creation (the ascent from the Root Chakra) or to immediately embrace the Whole and pull to oneself the mass (the descent from the Crown Chakra).

In its conceptualization “less pure”, the First Way implies a “progressive vision of humanity and life for we are confronted to whatever is hard/negative in ourselves and in others:  like the Magician (1 the first card of the Tarot), we have to learn to master our four planes (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in order to ascend.

The Second Way is truly for “remarkable beings”, saints from their very birth, who like Jesus Christ or the Buddha, spread unconditional love in every direction and constantly, attracting the whole humanity to Purity.  It is a risky road indeed, for a saint lives amongst many wolves and besides our ego can too easily trap us in an illusionary feeling of holiness.  The last card of the Tarot, the Fool (the figure 0), symbolizes the Circle, the Unity over duality, but a vicious dog bites the calf of the unfortunate seeker who has fooled himself…………

65The Law of Karma dictates our Path of Life:  everything is written (Maktoub):  where we were, where we are, even where we wish to go for our future is our destiny.  We may be “called” to work on our Karma, and feel our free-will, but we were in fact to be called, for such is our Destiny.

The Law of Karma applies to our dual world in our relative existence:  death early or late, good or bad health, happiness or troubles, positive or negative, everything that is our current life on this earth makes us human beings in the manifested world.

Our quest for freedom can be successful only if we transcend and go beyond duality to merge into Oneness:  we then break the Samsara, all illusions including the few listed in the above paragraph, and enjoy Unity whilst still living in our physical envelopes in this dual World.

117All along our physical life, we never leave the Manifested World:  if we believe that we have done it, this is only an illusion of our ego, a trance that corresponds to the Fool bitten by a dog in the Tarot.

To work on our Karma implies the full acceptation of the Law of Cause and Effect:

  • Every effect has a cause
  • Every action will have an effect on the whole creation.  There is no Reiki treatment without this awareness.

We may then purify our three “lower” planes:  the body, the emotions, and above all the mind so that we begin to have a clear vision of our life’s direction, what is called our personal karma.  Simultaneously, we shall gain in spiritual elevation.

The result is very practical:  make more positive what is to be positive, make less negative what is to be negative.  Working on our karma is always for the better, and this is besides the very essence of any holistic treatment such as Reiki.

Building positive Karma with ethics and taking progressive control of our life’s direction will help us advance towards Truth and ultimately reach Enlightenment.