“For the lover, a beautiful woman is an object of desire; for the hermit, a matter of distraction; and for the wolf, a good meal.” Buddhist Saying

crossThe Samasathi School of Esoteric Disciplines (SSED), an Association boasting an international network of Members who are all Searchers of the Absolute Truth, practices and teaches eleven disciplines that all promote Spiritual Development and Self-Realization.

SSED’s mission statement is the awakening of the largest numbers, through unconditional love, to Unity above duality, and all eleven disciplines taught at its Headquarters in Byron Bay  (Australia) or in various countries under the guidance of Samasathi and/or local Masters focus upon the smooth circulation of Life Energy and the development of inner powers: “We are all divine beings and buddhas to become”.

1.    Shiatsu: working upon your vital points deters diseases and ailments or heals them by stimulating the natural recovery power of your body. Regular sessions make your life longer, more pleasant and happier.

2.    Karmic Tarot: this divination method helps you find the replies to precise questions ( the way of dealing with a life event, a choice between two decisions, a new direction to life,…) and gives precious indications as to the current situation of your Path of Life.115

3.    Vipassana Meditation: a tool to elevate consciousness, its practice enhances vital energy, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual awakening whilst bringing healing and well-being.

4.    Sophrology: the brain is gently induced to release alpha and theta waves so that you gradually descend towards the state of primal innocence (our Inner Child). True conflicting issues are consequently addressed.

5.    Animal Well-Being: exactly as for themselves, too many humans only consider the physical health of their pets instead of their well-being which also includes the emotional, mental and spiritual planes: do consider in every animal his wholeness and treat him as such, with love and compassion.

6.    Art Therapy: by opening the creative aspects that lay dormant within everyone, issues come easily to the surface of the mind. Expressing yourself offers a wonderful freedom through understanding and acceptance of past emotions.105

7.    Feng-Shui: the energetic diagnostic of your surroundings and the reorganization of the ergonomics and space as well as the distribution of contents enable the Cosmic Energy to freely and positively circulate throughout: all elements are put back in harmony.

8.    Martial Arts: much beyond sheer physical skills, the control of your body brings the control of your emotions and of your mind. Samasathi teaches the efficiency of a lethal knowledge but above all the understanding of one’s energy on the four planes.

9.    Horsemanship: riding should always be a holy communion between the animal and man, in mutual respect and love. A holistic approach insists upon the fluidity of energy, till the flows of both partners merge into Oneness with harmony.

Exactly as the Universal Life Energy expresses itself in multiple relative forms and simultaneously is One, exactly as working on a chosen chakra has an impact on all seven, exactly as the Law of Karma affects a single being but also interconnects the whole Manifested Creation, each individual discipline taught and practiced at SSED is one piece of the giant spiritual puzzle and at the same time the whole Quest.

Pathways 2006 - Tarot Consequently, all eleven disciplines converge and interrelate.

SSED truly is a holistic Association as every single discipline will deeply impact on our four planes: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

You are welcome to walk the Path of Love, Light, Energy and become a Member!